Welcome to Bud Wiser

I try to get as deep in to my favourite herb as possible.  I love to zoom in on a delicate, lush bud, expose the beauty inside.  To me there’s nothing finer than the shimmering trichomes in a White Widow, or the fruity orange flashes in a delicious Strawberry Haze.

That’s where I go, but I don’t stop at pictures.  My passion is in the plant, it’s taste, texture, aroma, flavour and of course effects.  I’m positive about the health and well-being cannabis brings, in all aspects of life.  You’ll find me actively promoting the ways in which individuals and society as a whole can enhance the quality of life by accepting cannabis into its’ collective heart and mind.

Use the links in the menu bar above to visit my pages, and the links on the right hand side to read my recent Blog posts. Whenever I find a new strain I’ll sample it, review it, and let you know how I feel about its therapeutic and psychoactive effects.

I syndicate news and opinion from sites around the world, so you’ll always be sure of regular updates on all things cannabis.

I hope you find your time here to be well-spent, and look forward to any comments and observations you may like to share.  And please DO share!  A community is nothing without voices.  Please, let me add my voice to yours!